Friday, 25 November 2011

Remembered me password and tour held back again

The plans are underway finally after remembering my password haha well the tour could finally start up soon all been well just gotta see about relocating to a better town first :)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Charity For 10/11 tour announced !!!!!!!!!!

The season may of only just ended for the league one and two teams yesterday, but the goalhunter is really going for it and planning the tour for next season.

in a brief statement The Goalhunter said " I am going to tour next season for charity not just any charity but i want to help out the Help The Heroes charity.I Couldnt tour this season Im gutted i couldnt but this charity will benefit and it will give the tour and the grounds i visit an added incentive.

Other people may pledge money to the Goalhunters Help the Heroes tour by emailing with the request of an address or pay the email on paypal stating HTH Tour as a message when the payment is sent or alternatively you may sponsor a goal on the tour or put forward memorbilia for an special auction most likely in may 2011 !!!

All the best tour planning is going well


Friday, 23 April 2010

Well Well Well

Well guys im sorry to say i havent travelled at all this season apart from my jaunts to blundell park every now and again seen one win this season and about 4,348,982 draws from my hometown team the team i love.

I recently got asked a question which i thought i best post on the blog a question which would of put the leaders debate in right turmoil. the question was :

Where has the goalhunter been this season ?

I am here to make an announcement and of course answer the question.

Well to start things off on a very big note Goalhunter Jnr was born in October and then i started renting a house in november !! (The seasons budget all gone near enough) and to top things off on the day of heading out to a tour match i found out the goalmobile got broke into and back then i couldnt afford a car and now maybe just maybe i might be able too!!!

If a car can be brought i aim to make a very good very thorough tour in the season 2010/2011 to start the first full season of the decade off in style (youtube videos are on the cards to make the draws) it hurts me to think ive been labelled a cheap gloryhunter im not ok he went for wins i aim to see out the season with goals goals goals !!! i wont follow glory or goals i just want to make the most of the groundhopping aspect as i can with a twist. im hopeful of a big announcement soon on how many goals i can see in one season. plan A is in the making for next season as is B,C,D and maybe even E !!

The 2010/2011 tour has already got a few better options which will be installed for the next tour.

1. The Draw for all match/es during the week will be on a Monday (Matches will mainly be on a Tuesday,Saturday and Bank Hols)

2. The Draw will be broadcast on Youtube virtually straight after it has been recorded life on camera so a kind of delayed live broadcast

Any way enough from me for one night shut eye is nearing

All the Best Folks


Saturday, 25 July 2009

Louth Town 5 - 1 Cleethorpes Town

Peterborough Northern Star pulled out on friday night and on this performance it was a good job. Louth were on fire thats all i can say ... there is no report for this game as it was a rushed job as the goalmobile was bought on friday night lets hope there are more games like this !!!

2 games and 9 goals on tour so far !!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Grimsby 0 - 3 Scunthorpe

Ok firstly apoligies to Ollerton Town for not turning up on the 10th we will make it up sometime in the season :) we promise anyway the first match of the tour was this "not so" friendly of two local rivals in the lincs senior cup its so good 3 teams enter it, Grimsby Scunthorpe and Lincoln and the winners would play lincoln in the final.

Grimsby went for a youthful lineup and SCUNThorpe went all out as they think as did 700 odd town fans that was the only silverware theyd get this season.

Grimsby started brightly and really gave the scunny team a good wake up in the first few minutes. Grimsby started with probably 4 players whod be in the first team all season with Jarman,Proudlock,Clarke and Leary. Scunny started with 11.

Scunthorpe got the breakthrough on 19 minutes Gary " One Man team" Hooper with the goal. which was a tap in.

2 minutes later it was two - nil to the scunts and Paul Hayes slotting it past 17 year old keeper Overton a few scuffles broke out between the players and Crosby shud of been sent off for high hands and shoveing but the lincs fa ref who will probably reffing at Bradley Pitches in the future didnt do anything, Jarman who is from Scunny but plays for Town was up for it and lookily he kept a cool head but he is firiy character and maybe on another would of been booked

HT 2-0 Scunthorpe

The second half was a drab affair and scunnys Hayes got another one after drab defending by Matt"Donkey" Heywood and that was that Corner came on for Proudlock and he got shoved by Crosby for nothing literally 3 seconds after coming on. " Welcome to the game mate" but it wasnt Grimsbys day and they lost 3-0

Attendance was 859 with 192 scunny fans and 3 goals on the first game compared with 2 last season ... things are looking up for the goalhunter

Next Match : Grimsby v Leeds 21st July 2009

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Checking the Fixtures for game 2 !

Looking at fixtures for week 2 of the tour ... there are plenty for the 3 tourist to choose from We Will be travelling to one game .. aswell as going to the big pre season match Grimsby v Leeds at Blunders Park .Two games what take my fancy for week 2 is bottesford town v Doncaster Rovers and Winterton v Hull ! two cracking little encounters and money making opportunitys for the smaller clubs in lincolnshire which too be honest is nice to see.

But as things stand and me laid off my 3rd job in 2009 then theres a few little problems in store ... no money and no car but GHBM has and the third tour member is GoalHunters lovely fiancee :D

More in the week

Goalhunter and Crew

Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Process continues

With a few invites for the season this tour is prooving to be succesfull already with a couple of teams on board already !! If Only Man Utd or Liverpool or one of the big teams came in for us to go there it would be good but we are happy enough with the two invites we have recieved both from un-named Nottingham based non league teams we will add them to the tour somepoint soon :) so dont worry you will get your fame for 15 mins :D

All the best Talk soon and well done my junior team beating brigg colts 4-2 today :D